• For me personally, it is a very useful and reliable system for working with the candidates. I like that is flexible, I can send an automatic response to candidates, search the database. In Interspeedia is everything in one place.

    - J.D.

Welcome to Interspeedia!

Interspeedia has everything to do with your velocity in hiring. Why? Because good candidates are normally not available as long a less qualified people. Once a productive person have decided to apply for a new job, he or she is then more effective in getting hired as well and if your hiring process is too slow you cannot really hire "fast" people.

Hiring new people normally includes lots of administrative work. After deciding who you need to hire you need to make an ad, publish it and be ready for CVs to arrive. Some people call you to ensure their application arrived and some need additional answers. You need to sift through all applications, contact candidates, schedule meetings, and inform all those who did not qualify, make reports, etc. All this easily mounts up to a lot of time spent before you finally have a new person on board.

Today you might get applications per e-mail and others through fax or normal mail. Papers can easily stack up and applicants that you should have already contacted still have to wait for your final decision about the next step. The big risk you run here is that you might lose some good candidates who decided to take on other jobs because they could not get your decision fast enough. In worst case this could bring you back to the beginning of the process or you have to compromise by having to hire less than optimum candidates.

What we do

With Interspeedia you can bypass the complexity, lot of the papers and simplify your communication so that you CAN be as fast as needed while still not losing quality.

Interspeedia is an on-line system that can get linked to your company's own home page. From the system you can produce and publish your own job ads in matter of minutes. It is built to receive CVs that corresponds to what you really need and keep the candidates within easy reach for more communication, schedule meetings etc.

Special Offer

For limited time you can get a 50% discount
on the set up fee for Interspeedia.

For more information, contact Andrea Groholova,  +421 915 207 422, andrea@performia.net