About Interspeedia!

Through powerful and yet simple to use Internet based tools, Interspeedia delivers solutions for any company, small or large.

Though the Interspeedia system is new, the principles utilized are well proven with 20 years experience in recruitment. You gain access to both competence and very high technical skill and we are here to ensure your needs are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Bergviksgatan 27
152 50, Södertälje

Phone: (+46) 8-586 101 40
Fax: (+46) 8-550 300 96
E-mail: info@interspeedia.com

Save 55% time, or more, in Hiring

You can easily cut down 55% or more of all your admin and communication work connected to hiring.

Even more importantly, you will be able to catch those fast productive candidates who needs and wants to get your answers quick and who you might otherwise lose.

Special Offer

We are planning for new offers. 

For more information, contact Andrea Groholova, +421 915 207 422, andrea@performia.net